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About Us

Established in 2006, INGOT Brokers was initially launched with a unique vision to provide unparalleled superior trading environment, and the best trading tools in the industry.

INGOT Brokers provides a broad range of products and services which include ETFs, MENA, International shares and indices, commodities, metals, energies, as well as currencies.

INGOT Brokers is a pioneer company in online financial trading, executing billions of transactions on monthly basis and its regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) with AFSL license number 428015.

Our talented and experienced team is working hard to ensure that our clients and business partners, as well as our team of professionals, have the best investment conditions. The company is keen to continuously develop and provide the most competitive services in the market.

Social responsibility

Recognizing how important social responsibility is to Ingot`s customers, we focus on the main categories of corporate social responsibility (CSR):

  • Environmental efforts: One primary focus of Ingot is the environment. As awareness have been raised regarding the importance of reducing carbon footprint. Steps have been taken to reduce those footprints which were considered both good for the company and society as a whole, these steps includes using energy saving bulbs, no paper policy by keeping digital copies of all transaction rather than the old paper and file system.
  • Philanthropy: Ingot also practice social responsibility by donating to local and regional charities, the main focus is charities concerned with preserving human dignities, empowering women and refugees harboring in this time of war and terror.
  • Ethical labor practices: The main focus is to treat employees on fair and ethical grounds, since Ingot operates on many international grounds, it has an international ethical code of conduct which is revisited and evaluated frequently to ensure that all employees (no matter of religion, ethnicity & gender) are being treated in equal matter, work in equal conditions and fairly compensated.
  • Volunteering: Frequent visits to orphanages, attending volunteer events says a lot about our core values. By doing good deeds without expecting anything in return, Ingot instills in its employees the art of giving from the heart, humility and the sense of giving back to community.