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Neteller is a global e-wallet provider delivering a fast and secure alternative to traditional wire transfers or credit card deposits. Easily accessible online, Neteller offers a quick and easy process to fund your trading account with a click of a button.

After you select this payment method, You will be redirected to the Neteller secure payment page. There you will be prompted to log in to your Neteller account, And confirm the payment. In case of successful transaction your account will be instantly credited After contacting us with the details.

In order to use Neteller services through our website, sign up with Neteller by following the link.

  • Currency: EUR, AUD, USD
  • Fee for deposit: 3% - The rest is covered by INGOT
  • Fee for withdrawal: 0 - 25 Euros
  • Deposit amount: -
  • Withdrawal amount: -
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