INGOT Brokers AU | Skrill


  • Clients can fund their INGOT Brokers trading account through the secure online Skrill processing center as an alternative to other payment methods.The originator of the funds must always match the name listed on the Skrill account with INGOT Brokers live trading account - third party transfers are not permitted.
  • Funds deposited through Skrill will be accepted in US Dollars (USD). If Skrill account is held in another currency, the funds will be converted at Moneybookers exchange rates before being received by INGOT Brokers.
  • INGOT Brokers will credit your trading account with the amount received into company's account with Skrill, without the 3.9% fee deduction. INGOT Brokers will not be responsible for any additional fees Moneybookers may charge for its services.
  • Transactions are limited to a minimum of 100.00 USD and maximum of 5,000.00 USD per transaction. Due to regulatory requirements, INGOT Brokers has the right to reject any payments coming from high risk regions. Clients funds deposited via Moneybookers will be transferred back to the Moneybookers account upon a withdrawal request!

In order to use Skrill services through our website, sign up with Skrill by following the link.

  • Currency: EUR, AUD, USD
  • Fee for deposit: 3% - The rest is covered by INGOT
  • Fee for withdrawal: Wire Transfer: 4 EUR & Visa Transfer: 1.8 EUR
  • Deposit amount: No limit
  • Withdrawal amount: No limit
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