About Us

Why INGOT Brokers

The Regulated Broker You Seek

We know that you demand a safe and secure trading environment. As a trader, you will find that our trustworthy presence in the financial market is registered by the ASIC under number 428015.

There Are No Barriers

We provide a one-stop access to the world’s most famous financial instruments ranging from forex to cryptocurrencies.

Your Money is In Safe Hands

We ensure maximum security of our clients’ funds. You will be trading with confidence knowing that your funds are protected and segregated.

You Deserve the Best

We strive to provide the most competitive trading conditions in the market including tight spreads, high leverage and negative balance protection.

Our Experts Are by Your Side

Your success is our success. Our experts are always available to assist you in managing your investment portfolio with the least possible risk.

Communicate with Us

Our multilingual, experienced team will provide you with first-class customer service 24 hours a day, six days a week.

Learn from the Best

Our genuine educational material, market analyses, technical set-ups and economic calendar will ensure that you never miss a market update that is critical to your trading success.

Who we are

We started INGOT Brokers with the cherished ambition of making financial markets easily available and accessible to investors all over the world. With professionalism and transparency as our driving forces, INGOT Brokers has fostered and sustained a world-class trading environment with the highest quality of online trading services.

We welcome our traders with award-winning platforms, exceptional customer experience and gateways to financial markets. Our team goes the extra mile to facilitate traders of all levels to seize opportunities in the world of trading.

We have accomplished this and continue to do so – by putting our clients at the heart of everything we do – a proactive approach that has helped us enjoy sustained success and respect unlike any other. In the years to come, we will maintain our razor-sharp focus on unprecedented success and continued expansion, offering you the ultimate trading experience.

When We Started

We’ve been writing our unique story since 2012. Upon entering the financial markets, we made it a point to win the trust of traders with our relentless dedication towards ensuring our clients were happy no matter where they were.

What We Offer

Our long and proven track record of providing the most innovative financial tools to traders across the globe continues to help us offer easy and quick access to a broad range of markets.

We offer trading opportunities across a variety of financial instruments to cater to your specific needs and empower you to create a profitable investment portfolio.

The company first began with offering trading on forex, and today it is pleased to offer numerous tools to trade on including ETFs, MENA and international shares and indices, commodities and cryptocurrencies.