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Money Managers

Money Managers

Instead of directly investing and doing all the decisions yourself, you can choose the managed fund option *(third party) were a group of fund managers will directly manage your investments.

Managed funds can be a great way for beginners to invest, as it doesn’t take much to get started. Managed funds make it easier to manage risk by spreading the clients’ investments across a range of assets and products. With a managed fund your money is spread across more investments than it would be if you bought an investment such as a share or property directly.

INGOT Brokers’ clients can earn income and dividends from managed funds as well as getting capital gains when the value of our units in the fund rises. The fund manager chooses investments according to the fund’s rules and prospectus.

The beauty of managed funds is that we can take advantage of a fund manager’s expertise. Not only the fund manager’s expertise but also experience, skill and judgment is being utilized when investing in an actively managed fund. The risk of losing all our investment can be smaller than if you personally invested in shares in one company, because your managed money is spread across many different assets and organizations.

* INGOT Brokers is not responsible for any third party money managers results (whether profit or losses).