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This ETF is a one-stop shop for exposure to U.S. equity markets, allowing investors to access thousands of securities across multiple sectors and of varying sizes through a single ticker. As such, this fund may have appeal as a portfolio "building block" that delivers access to one of the core asset classes: U.S. equities. Though IWV may be ideal for investors seeking simplicity in their portfolios, be aware of the heavy tilt towards mega cap and large cap stocks; those seeking more balanced representation of mid cap and small cap stocks may be better off building U.S. equity exposure piecemeal, allowing for fine tuning of the exposure offered to each segment of the domestic market. Another potential drawback of IWV is the expense ratio; while this fund is cheaper than the majority of products in the ETP lineup, it is considerably more expensive than multiple funds offering generally similar exposure, such as SCHB and VTI.


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