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This ETF provides exposure to the mortgage backed security slice of the bond market, a corner of the finance world that has seen its share of troubles over the past few years. While MBS funds were at the heart of the subprime crisis, this product invests in liquid, stable bonds that are unlikely to default, pay out solid rates of interest, and provide valuable diversification benefits to a portfolio. Due to these benefits, most investors should consider adding some MBS holdings to their portfolio, albeit in a very small amount. MBB represents an excellent choice for investors looking to do just that as the fund is by far the most popular in the Category as well as the most liquid. In terms of diversification, the fund does a pretty solid job as it holds over 150 securities and its top ten holdings make up less than 15% of the total fund. Thanks to this, any further shocks to the housing market are unlikely to grossly impact this fund making MBB a solid choice for buy and holders and traders alike.


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