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This ETF is one of the broadest equity products on the market, offering exposure to global equity markets, including the U.S., ex-U.S. developed markets, and emerging economies. As such, VT can potentially be a one stop shop for equity exposure to those building a long-term portfolio, though the balance between the three asset classes mentioned above may require some fine tuning based on return objectives and risk tolerances. It should also be noted that VT is dominated by large cap stocks, and maintains minimal exposure to small cap companies; as such, those building a long-term portfolio may wish to seek out complementary holdings for rounding out exposure. With thousands of individual securities in dozens of different countries, VT scores well in terms of diversification; no one stock accounts for a meaningful portion of the total portfolio, and the fund is balanced from both a regional and sector perspective. Like most Vanguard ETFs, VT compares favorably from a cost perspective, and the option to trade commission free in Vanguard accounts further increases the appeal to cost conscious investors. While this fund was designed for buy-and-holders, it has the potential to be used as a shorter-term "risk on" vehicle for establishing broad-based, global equity exposure. Other ETF options for similar exposure include ACWI, while investors seeking ex-U.S. exposure may prefer ACWX or VEU.


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