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Our funds transfer

Bank wire transfer

Wire Transfer - Funds sent by wire are typically received by INGOT Brokers within three to four business days and credited to the client-s account on the day of receipt. All wire transfers should include the client's name (sender's name) and trading account number (details of payment) in the reference sections of the wire.

Kindly contact us by email or login to members area account to get access to INGOT Bank.


Neteller is a global e-wallet provider delivering a fast and secure alternative to traditional wire transfers or credit card deposits. Easily accessible online, Neteller offers a quick and easy process to fund your trading account with a click of a button.

After you select this payment method, You will be redirected to the Neteller secure payment page. There you will be prompted to log in to your Neteller account, And confirm the payment. In case of successful transaction your account will be instantly credited After contacting us with the details.

INGOT Brokers charges no fees or commissions for funds deposited by Neteller. However, Neteller charges up to 3.9% + minimum USD 1.00 per transaction*. As a result, INGOT Brokers will deposit the net amount after deducting the fees.

In order to use Neteller services through our website, sign up with Neteller by following the link.


  • Clients can fund their INGOT Brokers trading account through the secure online Skrill processing center as an alternative to other payment methods.The originator of the funds must always match the name listed on the Skrill account with INGOT Brokers live trading account - third party transfers are not permitted.
  • Funds deposited through Skrill will be accepted in US Dollars (USD). If Skrill account is held in another currency, the funds will be converted at Moneybookers exchange rates before being received by INGOT Brokers.
  • INGOT Brokers will credit your trading account with the amount received into company's account with Skrill, without the 3.9% fee deduction. INGOT Brokers will not be responsible for any additional fees Moneybookers may charge for its services.
  • Transactions are limited to a minimum of 100.00 USD and maximum of 5,000.00 USD per transaction. Due to regulatory requirements, INGOT Brokers has the right to reject any payments coming from high risk regions. Clients funds deposited via Moneybookers will be transferred back to the Moneybookers account upon a withdrawal request!

- You can deposit from our members area after you open an account.

- The incurred bank fees or/and commissions on wire transfers are at the client's expense.

- The originator of the funds must always match the name listed as the client on the trading account.

In order to use Skrill services through our website, sign up with Skrill by following the link.


FasaPay is an automatic online payment service available for traders. All payments are encrypted to preserve the security of your data during the transfer, it offers instant deposit and withdrawal facilities.

With FasaPay, transaction is faster, safer and automatic.


Epay dedicates to introducing the advanced, secure and high-efficient e-payment technologies and solutions to enterprises in the global market, and provides the comprehensive financial services such as online payment, global collection, Epay lucky money, currency exchange, recharge and withdrawal to the global users.

Epay is instant and irreversible. Users' personal information is hidden.


​DDBill Payment Co., Ltd (also known as is a payment gateway that supports online transactions between merchants and consumers by connecting China local banks, bank card association, mobile network operators, city micro payment operators. It offers internet banking payment, express payment, prepaid card payment, Dinpay Wallet payment, Smartphone App payment, QR code payment, and other value-added services, ensuring secure and efficient cross-border payment services for our merchants. Dinpay partners with major China banks in China, as well as international credit card issuers, such as Visa, MasteCard, JCB and American Express.