INGOT Brokers Australia | MAM and PAMM


Multi Account Manager (MAM)

INGOT Brokers offers the Multi Account Manager (MAM) program which is designed specifically for money managers. It’s an integrated software tool to execute block orders swiftly in one click under one master account arrangement and conveniently allow manager to assign portions specific subaccounts.

INGOT BROKERS offers flexible and competitive rates for Money Managers and Introducing Brokers. Fast set up time and a high level of on-going support allow money managers to on- board their clients quickly and efficiently, allowing them to get on with their work.

Benefits and Features:

  • Trade block orders from a single master account utilizing the MT4 client terminal.
  • Unlimited number of customer accounts.
  • 3 allocation methods - Lot, Percentage, Proportional.
  • Allocations to clients as little as 0.1 lot (10,000 currency units).
  • Manage multiple master accounts having different strategies.
  • All normal order types accepted: Market, Stop, Limit.
  • Allows Expert Advisor (EA) trading.
  • Easily manage Monthly, Quarterly and Annual client reports.
  • Monitor performance in real time.

In order to download this software, please click here.

Ultimate Multi Account Management (UMAM)

is a must-have money managers solution that allows money managers to trade on several investor`s accounts simultaneously, distributing profits and losses proportionally among them.

Capabilities of UMAM:

  • Money Managers are able to trade on one account, which is the sum of all Investor`s accounts and UMAM will split money manager`s orders on every Investor account.
  • Investors are able to access their accounts and check all account history.
  • To set personal Take Profit and Stop Loss levels on investors accounts.
  • UMAM supports 6 fraction digits accuracy to ensure correct order volumes on investors accounts.

Percentage Allocation Management Module (PAMM)

At INGOT, we support the PAMM system (Percentage Allocation Management Module) which is a special set of Forex trading accounts used by traders to manage their own funds and joint capital of investors and other traders. The PAMM system enables traders to pool their investments with other traders to share the same investments and potential profits.