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Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that uses cryptography to protect virtual transactions and control the establishment of new units. Cryptocurrencies have many advantages, most importantly; they don’t have a central authority, which means no one can manipulate it or change its features. The second advantage of this type of currency is that it is fully encrypted; in other words, it’s available only in digital form, not physical. Moreover, this currency is invented to make the transactions way faster than other traditional ways.

Traders should know that Cryptocurrencies are mostly paired with the USD using special mathematics programs built to safeguard their networks.

INGOT Brokers offers its clients the ability to trade on Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, as well as Ethereum.

Инструменты Спред величина 1 пункта/PIP Маржа Размер контракта Исполнение Торговые часы
Bitcoin Плавающий 0.01 20% 1 Рыночное понедельник - пятница
Ethereum Плавающий 0.01 20% 20 Рыночное понедельник - пятница
Litecoin Плавающий 0.01 20% 100 Рыночное понедельник - пятница