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ПАММ счета

Percentage Allocation Management Module (PAMM)

В INGOT мы поддерживаем систему PAMM- счетов ( от анг. Percentage Allocation Management Module: модуль управления процентным распределением), которая представляет собой специальный набор торговых счетов, используемых Доверительными Управляющими для управления счетами. Система ПАММ позволяет Управляющим работать со счетами своих клиентов более легко и быстро.

Эта программа позволяет Доверительным Управляющим разделить транзакции на счетах трейдеров в соответствии с ликвидностью каждой учетной записи.*

Чтобы управлять несколькими учетными записями используя единое программное обеспечение INGOT, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами по адресу, и мы разработаем соответствующию программу под Ваши нужды.

* The regular distribution of positions as understood by the concept of The PAMM system (Percentage Allocation Management Module) is that transactions are divided according to each account’s current equity. However, this disclosure is to further explain certain restraints of the subdivision process that are caused by the platforms’ configurations which might effect the sub-accounts.

Taking into consideration that the minimum number of lots to be traded in one transaction is 0.01 lots (and in some cases 0.1), the PAMM system will not be able to proportionally divide a smaller percentage of that position taken by the manager among the accounts, especially if one of the underlying account’s equity represents a percentage that falls below or near 1% of the total’s PAMM account equity for that position. The system cannot allocate anything less than 0.1 of a lot and hence will automatically distribute that client the minimum of 0.01 lot.

Therefore, Managers should bear in mind that the smallest portion that can be allocated to an account is 0.01 lot of the main position and in case their client’s equities are disproportionate, this will reflect in the smaller equity accounts bearing higher risks than the higher equity accounts and putting them at risk of liquidation in case of a market movement against the respective accounts. The PAMM account's margin level does not accurately represent the margin levels of the sub-accounts. Managers of the PAMM account should always keep an eye on the sub-accounts' margin level. Also, the Manager has to keep in mind about the timing of each entry of the sub accounts among other factors.